That damned elusive Pimpernel!

It is with genuine joy that I find myself returning to the blogosphere after a long sabbatical, hiatus, vacation or whatever colloquialism it is the reader chooses to use.

I have recently been happy to have taken a place on the Masters course in Digital Arts and Humanities in University College Cork. As current subscribers will no doubt be aware this is an area that has most certainly piqued my interest since I first became aware of it nearly 3 years ago. I have been remiss in my dealings with the subject until now however: something I am hopeful to remedy.

The new year begins with some very heady dives into the academic world once again and I find myself already gasping for air as the rush of knowledge floods my brain pan and threatens to suffocate. Thus has it ever been however and I am thrilled to be back in the educational system once again dusting cobwebs from the grey cells and eager to find more things that I do not know anything about!

I could probably put some more descriptive narrative in there but lets move on.
The next year will be spent with my attempting to understand more about the nature of Digital Arts and Humanities and hopefully I will find a place within it that I can contribute. I will be looking a lot at theatre and education as these are two facets of the industry and indeed my own background that I have hitherto not incorporated due to my having been studying the course as part of my English Degree.

For now I wish only to welcome any new people to the blog and to explain for my own future self what it is I promised and hoped to achieve from this.

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